Blackjack, Bingo or Both? Make Your Choice!

In the UK there are many website that offer huge number of game variations, but one of the games that is loved by casino gamblers is Bingo. But what fewer people realise is that the site is fast-becoming the destination of choice for the country’s blackjack devotees as well.

Online Bingo has become so well known in the UK thanks to its use of iconic British soap star actress Barbara Windsor. The cockney actress is the tongue-in-cheek “Queen of Bingo” in a kitsch way that fits perfectly with best Bingo branding. TV ads featuring Queen Barbara have really helped to make the site the fastest-growing online Bingo site in the country.

But now, it seems that online casinos with bingo will become equally as famous for its blackjack offerings as its Bingo and slots games.

Most of online casinos offers a diversity of choice for blackjack fans from its Atlantic City Blackjack game, top Multihand Blackjack where players have five hands to beat the bank, whilst its Blackjack Plus 3 offers even more ways to win. Then there’s Jackpotjoy’s Downtown Vegas Blackjack whose graphics and sound effects really seem to put you in the moment.

Some of casinos also have a variety of video poker offerings allowing players to play up to fifty hands over ten different video poker classic games.

Whether these new areas of development will ever overtake traditional homeland of online Bingo, though, is something else altogether. Bingo is deeply ingrained in the online casino gambling and British psyche and what has taken so long to build would be difficult to break down; not that the site would want to do that anyway of course.

But what will be interesting to see is the extent to which traditional British Bingo fans make the journey over to the virtual blackjack tables. They certainly have every incentive to do so if the site’s bonus offerings are anything to go by. Pay attention that some casinos offer all its new players a free £25 introductory bonus in return for £10 deposited – with a further £20 for every friend they successfully refer.

So perhaps the question we should be asking is the opposite one; i.e. how many blackjack players will now make their way for the introductory offer and then migrate over Bingo game? Time will tell.


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