KO-Count System

Blackjack is the game where you have to count every dealt card to have better success in the game. There are many techniques invented to count the cards of the game. The Knockout or KO card counting technique is one of them. These is different than other popular card counting techniques and unlike the High-Low card counting technique, KO technique assigns value 7s of blackjack shoe.

In Hi-Lo technique, 7s are the neutral cards with the value 0 but in this KO technique 7s have a value and that value is the +1. The rule is simple, that every card from 2 to 7 will get an extra +1 value and the face cards and the aces will get -1 value. In this technique 8s and 9s are judged as the neutral cards like the Hi-Lo technique.

How the KO Technique Works

This is not the balanced card counting technique, here every count has a result and there will be no result with the value of zero at the end. In this card counting technique, there are more positive valued cards than the negative valued cards. This is an unbalanced card counting technique, and if the result of the count is positive and high, then you must know that deck has high valued cards more than low or negative valued cards and the dealer has higher chances to get bust.

If you have negative or low counts that means dealer has greater chances to be drawn. So, if you use KO technique then you have to know that you will only bet high if the counting result is high otherwise bet lower amount if the counting result is low or negative.

Ways to Count Cards

If the 2 and 7 cards displayed, then KO technique will add by +1 but will reduce 1 is face cards or aces are displayed every time. An example of the use of KO technique is given below and you will learn the ways to count cards using this technique from the example:

  • Ace of Hearts (-1) -1
  • Ten of Diamonds (-1) -2
  • Three of Spades (+1) -1
  • Two of Clubs (+1) even
  • Five of Diamonds (+1) +1
  • Seven of Spades (+1) +2
  • Six of Hearts (+1) +3
  • Seven of Diamonds (+1) +4
  • Ace of Spades (-1) +3
  • King of Hearts (-1) +2
  • Five of Clubs (+1) +3
  • Four of Diamonds (+1) +4

The result for this count is +4 and though, the result is positive and high, you can increase your betting amount. Another example:

  • Queen of Hearts (-1) +3
  • Queen of Diamonds (-1) +2
  • Jack of Spades (-1) +1
  • Nine of Hearts (neutral) +1
  • Seven of Clubs (+1) +2
  • Ten of Spades (-1) +1
  • Six of Spades (+1) +2
  • Ten of Clubs (-1) +1
  • Two of Clubs (+1) +2
  • Jack of Spades (-1) +1
  • King of Diamonds (-1) even
  • Ace of Hearts (-1) -1

Here the result is -1 so your betting amount will be lower than usual in this case.


$ 7.624.147.20