Blackjack History

There is no such proof about the real origin of Blackjack. Some people think that Italy was the origin of the game some other says China may be the origin of the game and most people believe that France was the real origin of the game. The debate about the origin of the game still going on but France has the highest proof to be the origin of the game. The game was started in the 17th century in France with the name Vingt et Un and that means the twenty-one in English.

People believe that French Ferme and Chemin-de-Fer were the base games for blackjack because in that time these 2 types of games were popular in the whole France. The One and Thirty was the Spanish version of the game and for this version the player had to get total 31 points with at least 3 cards. Though, there is no proof about the perfect origin of the game it has been believed that France was the origin place for the modern blackjack.

Other Believes

There are some other people, who believe that this game could be started by the Romans because they played different types of card games and one game was so close to blackjack because they also used some measurements to fill winning position of the game. This theory has some clue because the Romans used to gamble all around but that does not mean that they were the inventor of this game.

Increasing Popularity

Though, at that time some versions where played but the 'Vingt-et-Un' had the highest popularity and the popularity was increasing day by day. After the revolution in France, some rules were formed to restrict the gambling and that time many French people went to North American to live. They took the game with them and in America the game was gaining popularity with the name blackjack. In that time the double down was legal for the dealer only.

Bad Time for the Game

In the early 20th century, many countries of United States banned the game for spreading the gambling in the whole society but that restriction could not stop the game because then many secter group was made to play blackjack secretly and they continued to play the game. this situation worked for 20 years and in the early 30s of the last century, blackjack again became legal in some countries of United States and within a few years this game became legal in whole North America.

Now, this is game what contains the most thrilling excitement in the casino and people with skill and experience can win in the game.


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