Types of Blackjack Games

Our modern and gambling life is impossible without blackjack game. Every day the number of online casinos is growing. People from every corner of the world visit land based or online casinos in order to play blackjack game. If you are the beginner in the casino games you should know that there are a lot of different types of blackjack game. So, let's find out about them. Below you can get acquainted with the famous blackjack games variations.

Blackjack Games Online

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Play Perfect Pairs blackjack variation with additional side bet option which allows to get incredible payout! Try the game for fun money and rush to play blackjack for real money to win big!


Don't miss the chance to try one more variation of blackjack game - well-known Pontoon. This is the game with the special names for playing options and unique payouts for hand combinations.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip is one of the most popular blackjack variations offered by land and online casino halls. Play for fun and real money to get a real profit from your favorite games!

Regular Blackjack Game

It is the easiest form of game where the player and the dealer should follow regular rules associated with basic blackjack game where the gambler can hit, bust, stand, double down and split.As a rule the croupier should stand on soft "17". The insurance is half of the gambler bet. Blackjack is paid 1.5 to1.

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Spanish Blackjack Game

Spanish Blackjack is almost the same as the regular one but still it has some differences. The player can stand, hit, bust, split and double down as in regular blackjack game. The dealer should stand hit soft "17", when he has a six and the ace for 17, he should hit. The gambler is able to split,double, or re-split any 2 cards included aces.The player can surrender her or his hand before busting or standing.There are no "10s" in the playing deck.

Switch Blackjack Game

The rules of Switch Blackjack somehow differ from regular blackjack game. The dealer as in usual blackjack should hit soft "17". Gamblers pay even money. The player should play two hands both with the same bets.Gambler can switch the second card from each of his or her hand to make a new hand.

Double Exposure Blackjack Game

Acquaint yourself with the main rules in Double Exposure Blackjack game. Remember in this game the player is allowed to split only one time. When the gambler gets the blackjack it pays even money.Both cards of the croupier are exposed.

Vegas Strip Blackjack Game

Vegas Strip Blackjack Game was initially American card game. This game is played with four decks of cards but sometimes it can be played with more decks. The rules of this game allow the croupier to peek on ten cards and ace cards.The croupier should stay on "17" Ace cards can be split one time.

Single Deck Blackjack Game

In spite of the fact that almost all blackjack games are played with 4-8 decks this blackjack version game is played only with one deck. This game is very favorable among the players, that is why many of dishonest persons try to use such strategy as card counting during this game. Unfortunately, but single deck blackjack is very rare nowadays though in some online casinos you can find it.

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