Tommy Hyland Team

In this modern world, people know Tommy Hyland as the legend of the game. Players who start their career in gambling with the game blackjack always want to be like him. He has a great fortune in the game; he is really talent in his ability. He has strong command in blackjack, he can use every method of blackjack fluently and his winning ratio is 5-10 times higher than usual blackjack professionals. His man management poker is exceptionally great and he uses this quality to run the great blackjack team of the world and people from all casinos fear this team of Tommy Hyland.

He is a great player and there is no confusion in this and he knows everything about blackjack and he can use all type of card counting techniques in any game fluently and he manages to built team worthy with his reputation and the bond between the team members is excellent and they always be united to change the odds of every round of blackjack on a casino and they are become the best blackjack team in the game's history. His team has own over millions for the last 25 years and if you want to compare the team with the MIT team, then his team is more successful than the MIT team even other teams of the game.

Early Days

His home town was the New Jersey city and he started gambling in his childhood at the age only 10. he started with sporting bets and he and his friends used to play simple coins throwing games and he always won higher than any of his friend. In the middle and high school, he started to bet on he sports and this was the sector, he did not have great fortune. Then, he completed his graduation degree and that time he used to play poker and other card related games. He played golf and backgammon and he also placed bets on these games.

Playing Blackjack

He learnt about blackjack from a book by Lawrence Revere and then started the profession game in the year 1978. He studied a lot about the game and its strategies. He learnt a least 5 types of effective card counting techniques and he always got tips from other players of the casinos. He learnt the importance of team in Blackjack from the book of Uston and within a few days he managed to build his own blackjack team. He started with 4 members team and within a year he made a 20 members team and he and his team always making winnings a lot that the history of blackjack now is rewritten with the records of him and his team.


$ 9.553.439.79