Hi-Opt Card Counting System

The card counting technique Hi-Opt 1 is a common card counting technique and this is also known as the Einstein card counting technique. This is an advanced card counting technique and this technique is used vastly in the modern blackjack game. Other card counting techniques have different results for online version of blackjack and many of those do not effective as the traditional land based casinos blackjack but Hi-Opt 1 is different than other card counting techniques. It has the same results for the online and traditional blackjack and that is why it uses by most of the blackjack players in this era.

It uses the same technique of Hi-Lo counting system but it has more accurate results than any other card counting system. There are many players who can not count cards using any card counting technique but this has the highest accuracy, so every player must learn this technique to have higher odds. Whenever you gamble, you are doing that for money, and if this system helps you to increase and ensure the safety your money and you will win more money with this technique, why do not you learn and use this technique to check the effectiveness of this technique.

How to Use This Technique

Blackjack is the game, where you must have the knowledge about the mathematics, numbers and odds of the game, and if you use these things in your favor, then you can easily beat the casino house advantage. While, you want money by casino blackjack then you have to know card counting techniques and this technique is easier than any other technique to learn and use in the game. Many blackjack players are using this technique so you will always find some players on a deck who are using this technique and winning with a higher rate.

You have to know the assigned value of each card to count the cards and if you make any mistake then that will ruin the whole process. Each card has an assigned value and this is similar with the HI-Lo values so if you have used the Hi-Lo technique before it will be easier for you to memorize this system. You have to know about the table below to make you learn clearly.

Card Values Hi-Opt 1

  • 2/7/8/9/ Ace = 0
  • 3/4/5/6 = +1
  • 10/ King /Queen/Jack = -1

If you have high valued hand then you have to bet higher amount but if you have low valued hand and the deck has most of the cards then bet lower amount than usual.


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