Famous Blackjack Teams

When speaking on the topic of Blackjack teams, the first thing that comes to mind is those intelligent students that were studying in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The educational complex is well known worldwide for educating the future professionals in the fields of engineering and mathematics. Another part of its fame is actually the scandal about the Blackjack team that became successful at beating the casinos - the MIT blackjack Team.


The team was initially founded without any overwhelming goals in mind, and began its existence surrounded by the walls of the school as an after-school club. The head of the club play online casino was a professor of the Institute, who was looking out for 6 students, which later turned into a complex gambling syndicate. One of the first steps that the team made on their path to success was opening an underground casino, in the city of Boston.

The casino was created with the goal of gaining practice and experience by playing the game of Blackjack with experienced players and dealers. Upon overtaking the heavy training sessions, developing an analytical mindset for the plan and practicing their actions in different situations that could happen in casinos, they set out on a trip.


The Blackjack team was founded on a card counting system with many other systems intact. One of the methods used by them was a high-low card counting system. With that said, based on their intelligence they created another special card cutting technique that turned the tables around and even increased the odds to the point that they were favoring the team.

The system of the team's cooperation was worked out to such extent that they made it look like they are loners when they entered a casino, even though they would travel together. Each person was playing a part of his own in the whole process, and they went so far that they even turned to the use of fake ID at the casinos they attended.

The Blackjack team got the closest to their dream in the 1990s when they were so successful that they ended up going from one casino to another. At that point in time the technology level was nowhere close to the point that it's at today and they were on the safe side based on their level of intelligence which did not demand the help of gadgets. With that said the players are not the only ones in need of gadgets, the casinos were not what they are today, and didn't have a chance to fight against such card counting groups. Nowadays it's merely impossible to succeed in cheating the casino for a buck or two.