Hi-Lo Counting System

This is one of the best used card counting techniques of blackjack and the number of players who use this technique is increasing day by day. To be skilled on this technique is not hard like other card counting techniques of blackjack, and the whole process is lot more easily than other techniques. You can learn the whole technique within an hour and it is not hard to be skilled in this technique.

In this technique every dealt card will be added as the -1, 0 or +1. Every 10 valued card and the aces are valued with -1 and the cards point 7, 8, 9 are valued with 0 and these cards are known as the neutral cards. The cards point 6, 5, 4, 3 and 3 are valued with +1.

How Hi-Lo Card counting Technique Works

This ways to work in this technique are really easy and if you get an ace or face card then that will be counted as -1 and if you get cards 7-9 then that will be counted as 0 and if you get cards 2-6 then that will be counted as +1. This card counting will not give any advantage to the player or casino and a player can only get the counts of the dealt cards. If you are a good counter then you can get a good presume that which card can be dealt next and that is the plus point of this card counting technique and it is safe.

If you can get the perfect counting of the dealt cards then if the dealer has only a few cards in his hand, you will have greater odds than usual to win the game because you can easily presume the next cards. So, you just need to count each card clearly because if you make a mistake while counting the cards then that can bring an unpleasant result about the card counting and you will lose your hand more regularly that usual. Correct counting is must for this counting system because if you make mistakes then you can not correct the mistake while playing that round of blackjack.

Other Factors of Hi-Lo Card Counting Technique

You have to count the number of cards have been dealt already and you also have to know how many decks are used to play the game. if the shoe has less cards of a deck you will have greater chances to win. If the dealer has less cards in hand and other cards are already dealt and you have the real count of those cards then increase your betting amount because you will have higher chances to win hand with less number of cards.


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