The Helpful Blackjack Guide

Based on experience the people that are interested in the beginning of their gambling career are in need of a Blackjack guide, blackjack is one of the best card games with a great house edge to make some money. For the ones interested and don't know where to begin learning the game, rules and terms, we have created a blackjack guide for the answers to your questions that may arise. You may use the Blackjack guide as a reference or to learn the game from history to the systems involved. There is one more important point in playing blackjack and this is choice of place to play. There are lots of online casinos over the internet and your task is to choose one with the best services. Don't miss an opportunity to visit

Blackjack from the ground up

  • Being a name of blackjack for a long time now, and one it still goes by until this day. It is also considered to be the highest hand and goal of the game itself.
  • Charlie Cards (5, 6, 6): the amount of cards that would total to 21 points or less.
  • Action: a universal term in gambling, meaning the total amount of money gambled in a period of time. For example: 3 bets of $5 equals out to $15 of action.
  • Anchorman: is considered to be the first player that is sitting to the right of the dealer. The specific of this place is that the person sitting there will receive his cards last, just before the dealer will receive his. If you are new to the game, the spot as considered by the majority is not the best place for a newcomer.
  • Back Counting: a card counting scheme, which is based on reverse counting, in other words counting the cards that have not been dealt yet. A player that is practicing this technique usually waits for the best time to take part in the game. The casinos fight back by not letting player participate until the deck has been shuffled.
  • Back line: considered to be bets made by the players against each other instead of betting against the house. "Back-liners" is a name for players that practice this type of technique and "Back-lining" is a name for the action. Due to the loss of profit for the house, the majority of the casinos disallowed this type of betting.
  • Backing up: consists of a hand replay, with the goal of reassuring the amount of points. In a situation where the player doubts the point count of the hand, he may ask for a replay of the hand and the dealer will demonstrate the played hands and if mistaken will recalculate the points.
  • Bankroll: the sum of money that a person has separated from the rest with intention of gambling with it. At the moment of gameplay the term is used to describe the amount of money that the player is willing to spend, and not the amount of cash he has on him.


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