Blackjack Rules

This card game is well played in the land based traditional casinos and also in online casinos. The principle of this game is to get the cards with the value 21 or less but close to 21 without exceeding 21. You have to play against the dealer not against other players of the deck. In the regular blackjack your cards will be face down but in the hoe based blackjack, you will get face up cards. When you are just the learner of the game, never hesitate to ask other players or dealer and show your cards to get a result.

Factors of Blackjack

There are some major factors in blackjack you have to know clearly each of those factors to do well in the game. Those essential factors of blackjack are listed below:

Card values

To play blackjack online you have to know the values of each card. The ace of the cards has the value 1 or 11 depending on your hand points. The cards from 2 to 9 have their own face value and the 10s and face cards have the value of 10 point.

Playing Blackjack

Your hand point will base on the summation of the points of your cards. If you have the 5, 8 and 8 then your hand value is 21 and you will win the game unless the dealer has the natural blackjack. If you have a hand point over 10 then if you get ace then the value of ace will be 1 but if your hand value is equal to 10 or less and you get an ace then the ace value will be 11.

If you have a hand ace with 7 then your hand value will be 18 and if you hit another card and get 3 then your total point will be 21 but if you hit and get 9 then your total point will be 17. hands with ace and the ace can be measured as 1 or 11 is known as soft hand and hand with ace where ace will be counted as 1 is known as hard hand.

Dealing of Cards

When all bets are placed the game starts, and dealer deals 2 cards to each player and the cards will be face up but the 1 card of the dealer will face up and another will face down. If you have enough point to win then you call stand if not then call hit and you will get an extra card. You can call hit until you get the perfect hand without exceeding 21.


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