How to play bingo online

Online bingo is just like the game of bingo that been played in bingo halls across the country for decades. You get a card with numbers on; numbers are called at random; if you number is called you have to cross-it out on your card. The aim of the game is to either mark all the numbers off on the card to or complete a pattern.

Online bingo actual differs very little from land-based bingo. Numbers aren’t called by a person, but by a random number generator, you can play any time you want and jackpots tend to be bigger, but otherwise they are pretty much like for like.

There are two types of bingo enjoyed online. The first is the standard 90-ball game that most people know and love. You get a card with nine columns and three horizontal lines. There are five numbers in each line. In line one they are from 1-9; line two there are from 10-19 and so on up to 90. There are a total of 15 numbers on any card. You win by completing one line, two lines then all three lines, i.e. every number on the card needs to be marked off. You can win big bingo bonuses at Costa Bingo on its 90-ball Friday night Costa Crazy bingo game. At £10,000 it is currently the biggest of the bingo bonuses at Costa Bingo.

75-ball bingo is the second option. This is the American version of the game and is played on a 5x5 card. All the squares except the centre square are filled in with numbers from one to 75. With this variant of bingo you have to mark out a pattern rather than lines to win the jackpot. The most common patterns are diamonds, hearts and letters of the alphabet. The best bingo bonuses at Costa Bingo for 75-ball games are £2,500 and you can choose to play free or buy 5p or 10p cards.

To play bingo online you have to register with a website and provide banking information so money can be transferred to your account if and when you win. You don’t necessarily need to download any software to play the games. In fact, with most online bingo games you can stream the games live.

Remember to always keep on eye on how frequently you play online bingo. This fast paced game offers easy rewards which can become addictive. If you want more information on all aspects of gambling check out Gamble Aware.


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