Top 5 Gambling movies of all times

Movie freaks rule. Like literally. So, for all the movie freaks cum gambling fans out there, this article reveals the best gambling movies of all times. Some of these movies are so awesome, that they actually helped the European casino and gambling businesses to thrive and it’s because of these legendary movies that the casino market got it’s classy, sexy, mysterious aura. So, hold your seats as you take a peek at the best gambling movies of all times.


  1. The Hustler (1961): Work of genius this movie is. The reason why this movie is a masterpiece is because it’s extremely believable. Plus, the message of the movie that a gambler’s character and style is all that matters in all possible stakes stands true for all times. 

  3. The Color of Money (1986): This movie has it all; hustling, money making, sports, gambling and classy characters. What more can a gambling fan ask for?

  5. The Cincinnati Kid (1965): Steve McQueen is literally the man and the movie depicts the high stakes culture prevalent these days with such vivid reality that while watching it, it’s hard to believe that the movie is almost half a century old. 

  7. Rounders (1998): This movie made it to the list because of all the love it garnered from poker enthusiast all the over the world. Plus, the youthful touch gave it a more universal fan base and there aren’t many youthful gambling and poker movies out there in the market. So, all the young gambling and poker fans out there, this is a must watch for you all.

  9. Ocean’s 11 (2001): All the ladies out there, gear up. Major eye candy coming up for you. Also, for the men looking to impress women at casinos, learn from George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon about how to play your cool at casinos and be irresistibly handsome. This movie is not about gambling per say but about the grand theft of three casinos and its star studded cast and witty plot made it one of the finest movies about casinos.

So, now you know what you are doing this weekend don’t you? Get some popcorn ready and strap yourself to your sofas for a crazy movie marathon!


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